Tips for Buying Custom Zipper Pulls

custom zipper pull on bag

Zipper pulls are components attached to sliders to help move down or up the zipper chains. Manufacturers usually make an assortment of custom zipper pulls. This depends on your request. They are available in different custom designs, logos, sizes, colors, techniques, materials, and lettering. Additionally, you can share artworks with these companies to perfectly customize the zipper pulls to your specifications. There are many custom zipper pulls. These include metal, woven, plastic, leather, and rubber pulls. The following tips will help you when buying zippers with customized pulls.

Zipper Typezippers

There is a wide array of varieties when it comes to zippers. It is vital to keep in mind the different zipper types to which the pulls will be affixed. Some of the pulls are ideal for metal zippers whereas others need to be paid up with plastic or nylon coil zippers exclusively. Invisible zippers commonly seen of ladies’ skirts and dresses require the small-sized tear-drop types of pull. Other zippers can accommodate many kinds of pulls in comparison.


Different zipper pulls are meant for different uses. Metal zipper pulls are appropriate for some items but may not be preferable for applications that call for lighter attachment. Code zipper pulls which may be swallowed down or town off easily by kids are not suitable for kids’ wear. These pulls are preferable in applications which need easy zipping up and down. Some backpack zippers may also require pulls that have an extension for smooth operation.

Decoration versus Function

zipper or red clothingWith the rising fashion awareness across different industries, more importance has been attached to zipper accessories. Zippers are used to be considered insignificant for partially or fully fastening opening parts. Decorative zippers today have become a popular choice among fashion designers. They have therefore witnessed widespread incorporation into the fashion industry.

Zipper pulls play a vital role in the world of zippers since they come in different stylish designs. These can be designed to customize different applications, like backpacks, handbags, footwear, and garments.

Before deciding the zipper pulls for your project, you should ask yourself if the zippers will fasten the items or t serve a decorative role. Understanding the intended purpose will help you make the best choice. These tips will also come in handy to ensure you get zipper pulls that will serve your needs.…