Different Types Of Steel Strapping Tools

Steel Strapping Tools 2

There are many hand strapping tools of different types. Choosing the right tool is therefore usually a daunting task for many individuals. However, the exercise becomes simple once you can classify them into their respective groups. The hand strapping tools can be categorized into plastic strapping tools and steel strapping tools. The steel strapping tools are stronger as compared to the plastic ones. The steel strapping tools sold by Packline Solutions are of the best quality and price. This write-up will focus on the steel strapping tools which are available in the powered tool and manual versions.

The tensioners

The strapping tool that is referred to as the tensioner is used in the tightening of the loop of the strap which surrounds the package. There are different types of the steel tensioners which we are going to discuss below:

The conventional feed wheel tensioners

cleaning machineThe strapping is usually done between the base plate and the feed wheel of the tool. The feed wheel is often laced with a toothed surface which pricks the toothed surface as it rotates. The feed wheel, therefore, pushes the upper overlapping strap whereas the bottom strap helps in position by the gripper. Since the bottom and top strap are likely to slip during the tensioning process, the strapping is lubricated to minimize the friction.


This kind of tensioners is available in the version of the pneumatic strapping tool. The air power operates better that the tension applied because of its consistency. The power strapping tensioner, therefore, reduces the fatigue of the operator and ascertains that the pressure that is being implemented in the packages is the same during its operation.

The push-type

This type of tensioner pulls the slack with the rotating feed wheel. The tensioner, however, functions without the base plate which is usually located below the strapping. The tensioning is executed by adjoining the seal of the push-type against the nose of the tool. The bottom strap remains in its central position since it is typically trapped between the load surface and the strapping.

The windlass tensioners

Steel Strapping ToolsThis type of tensioner uses what is referred to as the pre-cut strapping. The strap ends are usually imputed around the load and onto the thread on the seal before going through the seal. The bottom strap is held in position by a toothed gripper, whereas the top strap is tucked into the slot that is contained in the windlass shaft. The strapping is usually wound around the shaft as the tension handle rotates.…