Guide to Enhancing Your E-Liquids Flavor

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It is a known fact that vaping is a lot better and pleasurable than smoking. One key attraction towards vaping is the fact that it does not expose you to the effects of tar. Moreover, there is the fact that switching to vaping could save you from incurring a decent amount of money. Besides these two benefits, the taste is often regarded as a superior feature that sets vaping apart from smoking in terms of the experience it offers.

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The flavor experiences offered by vaping are incredible, and other things can be done to make the flavors even better. If you are among those people who would love to make their e-cigarettes taste a lot better, here are some fundamental tips for you.

Change Your Drip Tip

The nature of airflow in the sub-ohm tank affects the flavor in many ways. Wide drip tips are known to excellent as far as cloud production is concerned, but they are certainly not the best in terms of making the vapor tasty. Broad tips often tend to send steam down the throat fast, thus denying you the opportunity to enjoy the taste.

Replacing a wide drip tip with a narrower tip can enhance your taste in many ways. A thin tip allows you to take in your dose slowly, which will enable you to experience the flavor notes a lot better. Therefore, when evaluating the suitability of a drip tip, ensure that it is flavor focused.

Learn How to Use Sweeteners

Some people opt to use sweeteners as a way of enhancing their vaping experience, whereas others do not fancy this option. If you are one of those people who have a sweet tooth, the chances are that you are contemplating the possibility of sweet e-juice. Some e-juices have sweeteners already added, while others don’t. If you are in the process of buying a sweetener, your primary concern should be to find the right sweetener.

When it comes to determining which sweetener you should buy, you need to settle on a flavor profile, thickness, or glycemic index first. From there, you can settle on a variety of options which seem practical, and if possible, try out different combinations before deciding on a particular flavor.


There are other taste-enhancing options that you should also consider trying out. They include trying liquids with lower-nicotine concentrations, experimenting with VG/PG ratios, or even considering sweetening the juice. Improving the taste goes down to your personal preferences. So it all about getting a flavor that works for you.…